Sentara Williamsburg

AES provided a number of critical engineering services for Sentara Healthcare System’s Williamsburg Regional Medical Center campus, which is located in York County. The 80-acre campus includes a 97,000 sq. ft. outpatient care facility, a 145-bed hospital, a 596-space parking lot, a sanitary sewer pumping station, and a helipad. Addressing significant environmental challenges, AES produced a Stormwater Master Plan, ensuring the stormwater treatment facilities exceeded …

Discovery Business Park

AES provided comprehensive civil site design services for Discovery Business Park, located within New Town in James City County. The 64-acre site features dual frontage buildings, rear-located parking lots and 420,000 sq. ft. of commercial space.


AES provided civil site design services for the KFC, located in Gloucester County. AES coordinated the work of a traffic study consultant to alter access points and ensure safe access to the KFC, a nearby residential area, and a neighboring outdoor sports facility. AES provided a planting design, enhancing the aesthetics of a standard KFC location. Green islands and plantings along sidewalks blend the …

WJCC Courthouse

AES provided surveying and civil site design services for the Williamsburg / James City Courthouse, located across from New Town. The 11.19-acre AES site design features 7.28 acres of open green space, 281 parking spaces, and a 70,000 sq. ft. courthouse and municipal office facility. The site features an elevated entrance above Monticello Avenue and public courtyards and sitting areas behind the building.

SunTrust Peninsula Headquarters

AES provided surveying and civil site design services for SunTrust Bank’s Peninsula Headquarters located in James City County. The three story facility features 60,000 sq. ft of class A office space. The facility’s curved-corner architecture and site orientation provide visitors and customers with an impressive site as they enter a mixed-use development through the New Town Avenue entrance off Monticello Avenue.

Commonwealth Medical

AES provided surveying and civil site design services for Commonwealth Medical, located in the City of Petersburg. AES provided full site design for Area 3, the first phase of this a mixed-use development, bordering the Southside Regional Medical Center Hospital. Subsequent phases may include senior living residences, assisted living apartments, and additional retail and office space. The full conceptual site design proposes more than …

The Home Depot

AES provided The Home Depot with commercial site planning services for its 102,500 sq. ft. store, set on 18 acres within York County. AES guided the project team through the York County Special Use Permit process by coordinating wetlands delineation, archeological investigations, a traffic study, and an endangered species study. Additionally, a major water quality impact study was included to protect the watershed of …

Williamsburg Municipal Building

AES provided surveying and civil site design for building and parking additions to the City of Williamsburg municipal building. The site design accommodates a 16,500 sq. ft. expansion to a 22,900 sq. ft. existing facility. The parking expansion provides the facility with an additional 27 parking spaces, for a total of 100. AES worked with the architect and the contractor to provide designs for …

Jefferson Green

AES provided comprehensive civil site design services for Jefferson Green Office Park, located in Chesterfield County. The 3.28-acre site features shared site access, a 200-space parking lot, and 7 multi-story office buildings. This development is centrally located in the Village of Midlothian and provides space for medical practices and other office uses. The AES site design included the use of retaining walls, environmental water …

Patriot Park Building

AES provided surveying and civil site design services for Patriot Park, an office building located in New Town, James City County’s first mixed-use development. The facility provides users with 23,531 sq. ft. of class A office space covering three floors. The 1.44-acre site fronts on Discovery Boulevard and overlooks Chelsea Green, a neighboring multi-family neighborhood.