AES is Hiring Engineers, Surveyors, and More!

Are you looking to be part of a dynamic workplace at a growing company? AES may be the place for you! Open positions include Project Engineer II and Surveyor Designer. We're excited to meet you and talk about starting your career at AES! Go our Career Page for more information.

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We’re Ready for the Snow! Are You?

It looks like snow is in store for the next few days. Check out this throwback of AES President Jason Noah and Surveyor Andy Conway from 2018. We're ready for the snow now, just like we were then! Are you ready?  

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40% of AES Employees Are Owners!

Did you know AES employees can own stock in the company after one year? 40% of employees at AES are owners. That's because, at AES, we believe in taking care of our employees to ensure they take care of our clients. Interested in learning more about what AES does and how you can be a

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Congratulations Iron Man Award Winner Mark Ricketts, P.E., L.S.

Congratulations to the Iron Man Award Winner, Mark Ricketts, P.E., L.S. This award is given to team members by team members! Last year's winner, Rob Simmons, head of IT, chose Mark to receive this award for his commitment to our core value of serving both employees and clients. AES President Jason Noah presented Mark with the award at our

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Direct Communication

When you consider who you select to design your next site or subdivision, pay close attention to the titles of the folks at a company and on your bill.  When you consider where you want to work, ask how close to the actual client and project you will be. At AES, we have engineers, surveyors,

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AES Survey Team Takes 3rd in National Competition

AES was selected third overall in the National Plat Competition for exceptional survey work. Led by Stephen Letchford, L.S. with exemplary contribution from Mike Apperson and AES field crew personnel, AES received this award for the ALTA Survey of Newport Commons Apartments in Newport News, Virginia.

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Congratulations to the AES Survey team!

Congratulations to the AES Survey team.  AES won both 1st and 2nd place in the Virginia Association of Surveyors Annual Plat Competition.  The surveys, which swept the ALTA/ACSM category, were awarded for Newport Commons Apartments and Indian Motorcycles, both located in Newport News, Virginia. The team is particularly proud of the Newport Commons Apartments

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Stephen Letchford, L.S. Joins AES

In October 2014, AES hired Stephen Letchford, L.S. to work alongside Tom Sublett, L.S. for the remainder of the year, managing Williamsburg Survey operations. Mr. Sublett recently announced his retirement and transition to a part-time role in 2015. Mr. Letchford will manage Williamsburg Survey operations on the Peninsula, utilizing his years of field and staff

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AES Acquires Virginia Beach Firm

AES is proud to welcome the Virginia Beach firm of Engineering Resources Group (ERG) to the family. The staff of ERG, including Don MacLennan, P.E. and Jason Seas, P.E., have joined the AES team, strengthening a growing Southside presence. Mr. MacLennan started ERG in 2004, but his engineering experience spans more than 40 years. ERG

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