The week of February 20 – 26 marks National Engineering Week. According to the National Society of Professional Engineers’ website, National Engineers Week started in 1951. This week is a time to celebrate and highlight engineering and how it impacts and shapes the world in which we live.

For AES, that means highlighting what we do as a company and our people. As a firm that focuses on civil engineering and related services, we rely on educated engineers, landscape architects, surveyors, and many more team members to serve our clients. Our services include civil engineering, landscape planning, surveying, landscape architecture, and municipal utilities. All of these services are influenced by engineering in some way.

Civil Engineering is an essential part of the land development process. At AES, civil engineering encompasses so much. We offer civil site design for land developments such as residential subdivisions, commercial sites, mixed-use developments, and more.

Land Planning is another service that AES offers. Engineers provide conceptual layouts and coordinate with local planning and zoning officials. These types of services maximize unit yield and increase efficiency and profitability.

Surveying is another essential service in the civil engineering field. Surveying is critical to providing the engineer with the correct data to use in design. The highly-experienced survey staff at AES gather data from the field like boundary surveys, topographic surveys, ALTA land title surveys, and more.

Landscape Architecture often goes hand in hand with civil engineering firms. Architects create plans that incorporate sustainable elements while creating a sense of place. Planting design and plans, streetscape design, and lighting plans are all part of the process in landscape architecture at AES.

Municipal Utility Design is critical in creating a community that functions efficiently. Public utilities, water distribution systems, wastewater collection systems, and water pumping stations are things that are often not thought of but make our daily life much easier. Our designs help address public health, safety, and well-being.

Civil engineers work to create site plans that are efficient and profitable for clients. This work helps develop diverse sites that contribute to our society. Civil engineers are constantly helping to shape the world around us. With an impact like this, these engineering and the field of civil engineering absolutely deserve to be celebrated during National Engineering Week!

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