When you consider who you select to design your next site or subdivision, pay close attention to the titles of the folks at a company and on your bill.  When you consider where you want to work, ask how close to the actual client and project you will be. At AES, we have engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, designers, and managers who help those folks serve our clients.

Then there are some firms that have a Client Support Manager for Asset Management and Community. What is that exactly? Director of Innovation? I suppose this is someone who leads efforts to do things better. At AES, we call those employees and owners. Client Development Manager? Should you have to pay for your engineer to develop. . .  well. . . you? Regional Production Manager?  Are they making widgets? Practice Builder? How does this help complete your project, on time and on budget? Director of Innovative Surveying? Is there a director of antiquated surveying? Regional Growth Manager? That sounds like farming.

You get the idea. I have no doubt that some fine people fill these positions.  But, ask yourself, as a client, how many layers do you want between you and your project surveyor or engineer? How many do you want to pay for? As a potential employee, do you want to directly improve a community through real surveying, engineering, and landscape architecture directly for a client?

If you think there should be minimal barriers between you and the person managing your project, give me a call at AES. I’m the President. The next person you will speak to will directly manage your project.

Now where did I leave my innovative automotive development ignition devices . . . you know . . my keys!

                                                                                                                                                       ~ Jason Noah, President