Today is Earth Day – a day where we can take a step back and reflect on the impact we have on our environment and the steps we can take to protect it. Land Development Design is not always associated with something like Earth Day. However, the work our surveyors, landscape architects, and engineers do each day, does in fact, protect the environment. Earth Day is the perfect time to reflect on how our industry can help make the world a better place.  

The A/E/C industry, as a whole, impacts our environment more than we might realize. According to Construction Marketing Association, the world buildings attribute 40% of energy usage worldwide and a third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. That’s a huge impact. It allows each company to evaluate its practices and decide how to limit the impact of land development.

As a civil engineering, surveying, and landscape architecture company, we have some unique opportunities to reduce the impact of land development. Significant effort and planning go into achieving water quality and water quantity goals through, often complex, stormwater engineering. Smart master planning avoids impact on wetlands and protected areas and creatively utilizes them as aesthetic amenities. Each of these critical efforts at AES promotes sustainable development. 

Whether you work for a company that has the ability to shape land development, or you are an individual who is recycling to do your part, we all have a role to play. Reflect upon the small things you can do to contribute to a healthier world, and then make an action plan. Most of all, have a Happy Earth Day!  

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