It has been another wonderful and successful year with AES Consulting Engineers! All three of our offices, Williamsburg, Chesapeake and Richmond, came together last Friday at Williamsburg Golf Club for AES’s Holiday Party. Great food, friendship and live music was enjoyed by all with some well-deserved accomplishments awarded as well as some friendly rivalry between employees and their spouses!

AES Had Many Awards to Celebrate This Year

The night started out with ten work anniversaries commemorated as of this year – ranging from 5 years of service up to 35!

2022 Holiday Party 2022 Holiday Party 2022 Holiday Party 2022 Holiday Party

A referral bonus was awarded for all to see! (One of AES’s many awesome employee benefits)

2022 Holiday Party

In addition to AES’s annual financial awards and Outstanding Teammates awards, and a special Outstanding Leadership award, the night finished out with the long-anticipated IRON MAN AWARD. There was no clearer decision than for our current Iron Man Award Winner to pass the award onto our very own, Pam Callis.

2022 Holiday Party

Lastly, our President, Jason Noah, proudly announced that AES Consulting Engineers made it onto Virginia Business 2023 Best Places to Work list!

2022 Holiday Party

Family AES Feud

AES wrapped up the holiday party when a team of 8 AES employees took on a team made up of their spouses… and the Spouses won!

2022 Holiday Party

A fun night had by all thanks to Williamsburg Golf club and our live musician, Lane Rice!

Thank you to the support of our many loyal clients who make all of this possible!

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