Chris Schaible, P.E., grew up in Virginia Beach and attended Landstown High School. He didn’t leave Southside Virginia until moving to Williamsburg after accepting employment at AES. He still has a large contingent of family and friends in the Virginia Beach area, so he visits there often. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2015. He decided to pursue a career in land development after taking the senior design course sponsored by the Land Development Design Initiative (LDDI) at Virginia Tech. After graduation, he went on to become a mentor for the program.

He and his girlfriend, Victoria, have three pets including a beagle named Dudley and two cats named Milo and Bailey. They recently welcomed a baby boy named Evan into the world in April. Chris likes sports of all kinds and is an avid fan of the New York Yankees, the Washington Football Team, and (of course) the Virginia Tech Hokies. In his free time, he also enjoys gaming and catching up on the latest Netflix show.

Chris joined AES in 2015, one month after graduating from Virginia Tech. He earned his PE license in the fall of 2019. His current title at the company is Engineer II. His job is to work closely with a Project Manager in delivering a cost-effective, efficient design to clients while shepherding along the less experienced engineers on the project team. Chris is a key player in AES training and mentorship. He likes to find humor and fun in all aspects of life and shares his positivity with his team and everyone else in the company.