August 23rd through September 1st celebrates World Water Week. World Water Week started in 1991 in Stockholm, known then as Stockholm Water Symposium. World Water Week is now an international conference that discusses global water issues bringing together participants from all corners of the world.

At AES Consulting Engineers, we work diligently to ensure proper water management for all of our projects. A focus that often receives little recognition, proper water management assures safety within our communities. Improper water management can lead to flooding, pollution and even the spread of diseases. AES assists developers in adhering to often rigorous rules and regulations of the various localities, in the effort to protect water resources.

The talented folks in each of our service areas work to protect the precious natural resource:

Civil Engineering is a complex process, much of which involves designing systems for onsite water resources. This includes, but not limited to, stormwater management, potable water access, water for fire safety, and wastewater distribution and treatment. Designing these elements using the most efficient and sustainable methods provide value and safety to any development.

Land Planning provides conceptual layouts and community master planning to assure local planning and zoning officials that water resources are being protected and potable water services are being provided. These types of services maximize unit yield and increase land values despite often stringent local and environmental regulations.

Surveying involves the collection of site data through both research and physical site access and assessment. Much of this data includes the location of any existing water utilities and existing stormwater management facilities. Surveying the existing topography is invaluable to engineers as they grade the site to treat stormwater quantity and quality. Additionally, surveying delineates any protected wetlands located by environmental groups.

Landscape Architecture creates plans that incorporate sustainable and organic elements to direct and treat stormwater runoff. Planting selections as well as use of rock and other natural elements act as a filtration system. This removes pollutants from the water runoff. Talented landscape architects can transform stormwater treatment systems into functional and aesthetically pleasing water features.

Municipal Utility Design, at AES, includes the creation of design documents for public water lines, sewage pumping station, well systems, grinder-pump systems, gravity sewer systems and many other approaches to serving the water needs of the built environment.

AES strives to make a difference every day

We highly value the importance of water and its impact on our ecosystems, the economy and our local communities. Properly designed water systems facilitate increased growth of our vegetation and landscapes. It also increases property values.  AES Consulting Engineers is constantly helping to shape the world around us. Our designs address public health and safety. We are proud to advocate for better water management and its positive impacts around us.

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