In October 2014, AES hired Stephen Letchford, L.S. to work alongside Tom Sublett, L.S. for the remainder of the year, managing Williamsburg Survey operations. Mr. Sublett recently announced his retirement and transition to a part-time role in 2015. Mr. Letchford will manage Williamsburg Survey operations on the Peninsula, utilizing his years of field and staff management experience.

One of his recent and notable projects involved rock face monitoring for Luck Stone at its South Richmond Plant, near Richmond, Virginia. After scanning the entire surface, Mr. Letchford’s team installed survey instruments or prisms in a potentially unstable section of the rock face.  The team then created a tight horizontal and vertical control at the top of the quarry. From these control points, Mr. Letchford monitored the rock for shifting or movement to ensure project safety during mining operations.  The project was a success as quality rock was mined, no major shifting was detected, and injuries were avoided. Eventually, the mass of rock at risk for instability was demolished.

In addition to industrial projects, Mr. Letchford manages staff to perform survey work for residential subdivisions, commercial sites, and mixed-use centers. AES provides comprehensive survey services for engineering projects including Boundary Surveys, Topographic Surveys, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, Riparian Surveys, Archaeological Site Mapping, Subsurface Utility Mapping, Environmental Assessment Mapping, Large Area Control, and Networks for Photogrammetry. Additionally, AES provides construction support survey services including Construction Stakeout, Layout & As-Builts, Volumetric Surveys, Settlement Monitoring, GPS Control Site Calibrations for GPS Machine Control, and 3D Modeling & Data Prep for GPS Machine Control.