AES Spotlight – Paul Tschiderer, P.E.

Paul Tschiderer joined AES in 2014 after moving to Virginia from Phoenix, Arizona where he started his engineering career. After Paul earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University at Buffalo, he spent time gaining experience working for a civil, structural and forensic engineering firm. Now as a Project Manager, Paul provides engineering

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AES Spotlight – Adam Reimert, P.E.

Adam Reimert joined AES 15 years ago after earning his Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Old Dominion University. During his studies, Adam interned with the James City County Service Authority (JCSA), generating reports on the efficiency of pump stations. Early on in his career with AES, he worked under other engineers performing drafting, general CAD-design

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AES Spotlight – Ryan Stephenson, P.E.

Ryan Stephenson interned with AES for two summers and decided he didn't want to look anywhere else for work. Ryan joined the team fulltime March 2004 and has since worked his way up to Senior Project Manager. With a degree in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech, Ryan is one of the many Hokies around the

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AES Spotlight – Chris Schaible, P.E.

Chris Schaible, P.E., grew up in Virginia Beach and attended Landstown High School. He didn’t leave Southside Virginia until moving to Williamsburg after accepting employment at AES. He still has a large contingent of family and friends in the Virginia Beach area, so he visits there often. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2015. He

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AES Spotlight – Mark Ricketts, P.E., L.S.

Mark Ricketts’ father was a land surveyor for over 42 years in Virginia Beach, where Mark grew up and went to Bayside High School. He decided to follow in his father’s footsteps in 1984 by earning his degree from Virginia Tech. Also at Virginia Tech, Mark became involved with and led the Virginia Tech Rescue

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AES Spotlight – John Bennett, P.E.

After consulting on land development projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions for 24 years, John Bennett, P.E., joined AES in 2019. As the manager for the AES Richmond office, he works with project managers and staff to ensure exceptional client service. John was raised in Rochester, NY and earned his civil engineering degree

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AES Spotlight – Jason Seas, P.E.

Jason Seas, one of our many talented and dedicated Project Managers, has been with AES since 2014. Before settling in Virginia at the age of seven, he and his family bounced between Hawaii, California, and Illinois. At a young age, the Star Wars trilogy had a major impact on him, resulting in a love

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